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the joy of running in the rain… a Boston Marathon 2015 recap

Here I am, eleven days since the Boston Marathon,  still on a runner’s high… I hear the recovery will take 21+ days.. perhaps the post race happiness will last that long too?!

The best feeling is when you race a successful race, knowing you could have done even MORE, but held back. Let’s just say I am pumped up for Tri Season!

If you want to check out my pacing from the race, I posted about this last week.

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My third Boston was my best Boston. No doubt about it. 

This year was something special.  I didn’t want the race to end. I wish I could bottle up how I felt for 26.2 miles and remember it forever. The entire 26.2 miles I smiled, I had goosebumps… not  only because it was cold, but because of the energy of the people cheering me on!

Go Kristin Go! You Got This! Great pace! Look at her go! She’s flying!

I had so much FUN! This is what racing is all about people: HAVING FUN! I don’t know how many times I shouted ‘woooo!!!’ into the crowds, while pumping my fists into the air.. my arms were even sore post race for raising them in the air so many times and giving high-fives. I can honestly tell you I have NEVER had as much fun in a race as I did during the 2015 Boston Marathon. This is why I run, this is why I race.

Here is a little recap of how the days went down leading up to the race:


Thanks to Kebby from Coeur for the sweet note!

Saturday before the race.

This year, my brother’s girlfriend, Sam was running  and they were in town from Chicago… She also BQ’d and is a speedster! The day started with attending the Boston Marathon Expo where we picked up bibs and purchased our official marathon jackets.  I picked up my bib right next to legendary triathlete, Karen Smyers. I took this as a good omen! Since it was wicked crowded, we didn’t stick around for very long!


After the expo we took some pics near the finish line!


Saturday evening

A nice carb loading dinner with family! As much as I wanted a glass of wine, I passed.  I know there are plenty of people who drink red wine before a race, but I always get nervous doing so!  Plus, I’m not a big drinker and my tolerance is literally one glass of wine and I’m good to go, ha.

Sunday morning

A 20 minute shake out run with Sam followed by a  BIG Carb loading breakfast! Give me ALL the pancakes! Then it was time to relax and put my feet up for the day.  I’m a huge advocate of not being on my feet much the day before a big race… less is more!


Sunday came and went, and before I knew it, I was getting all of my stuff together for race morning.  So much thought had to go into my outfit this year, given the conditions.  I had never ran a race in the rain before (expect for IMMT in August, but it was warm). I took to social media for questions about what to wear and this was helpful! Given the inclement weather, it was really hard to know what to wear/bring/throwaway.  I packed a TON of warm clothes + dry shoes for after the race, knowing that I would be wet and cold!

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boston proud.

If I could sum up how I feel about my race on Monday at the 2015 Boston Marathon it would be…
I feel PROUD. 
Three days post Boston Marathon, I am still on a runner’s high… wow, just wow.. WHAT a day! It was one of those days that made me feel so lucky!  My body carried me 26.2 miles with heart and courage, through the rain and freezing cold…. I DID it! I PR’d! As a girl who has been running most of her life, I just had the race of my life. 

Official time: 3:19:06

(Marathon PR and Boston PR by 5.5 minutes)

I will do a more detailed recap of Boston + lots more photos.. but for now I just wanted to share how it all went down. The third time was a charm, Boston #3, you were incredible!!

I personally have never felt stronger.  Dare I say the Boston Marathon felt effortless?… well it kind of did. Besides my quads feeling tight, which I partially blame on the cold weather, the race was flawless for me.  I did just what I planned to do.  I wanted to go faster, but I held back. I crossed the finish line feeling like I could have done more, but I was happy I didn’t. I was calm, cool and collected despite the nasty elements.

I started out slow… and got faster as I went.  I actually did Negative split! I zoned in on my 7:30 ish pace from the start.  I kept this pace (which varied a bit) throughout the race.  I was consistent and smart about my racing.  My overall average pace was a 7:36 min/mile and this felt easy.  Given my average heart rate of 136 bpm, versus last year 7:48 pace at 148 avg bpm, I can say I’m wayyy fitter than I was this time last year.  I know cold temperatures can affect heart rate, but I also know I am more fit. 136 bpm for me is considered borderline recovery heart rate.  Wow. Crazyness. To know I was capable of going even FASTER than 7:36 avg pace, is pretty freaking awesome.

Here is a breakdown of my pacing via Garmin Connect graphs…

Total Elevation gain: 925 feet

Total Elevation loss: 1,299 feet

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.56.23 PM


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thumbs up!

Way back on January 21st, I wrote about ‘to run or not to run’ the Boston Marathon.


I said I would train for the Marathon and just take it day by day, week by week…

One thing was for sure, if I wasn’t feeling it, I wasn’t going to run the race. I was going to listen to my body and work with Coach Jorge to make sure everything was A-Ok.

January came and went… then February… then March…

my pace was getting faster, all while running longer… and swimming + biking

I never did more than 35 miles of running in one week… I worked my butt off all winter long…

I focused on where I was weak and did functional strength training for my hips and glutes. As a result, my knee pain that I had back in December has not been back to haunt me.

I have my asthma under control and I’m breathing better.

I feel powerful.

I used my recommendations from InsideTracker to make changes to my diet.  I’ve been supplementing with Vitamin D and Iron. I’m trying to sleep more in order to lower my cortisol levels.

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