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four month bump date

I cannot believe I am 17 weeks today (~4 months), on St Patrick’s Day!  This feels like the right time to do a little update on how my body (and mind) are doing with all of the changes.

16 weeks pregnant in Florida


Overall, I’m feeling great. The first trimester was tough, but manageable. I was mostly just really tired all-the-time. I did have some low grade nausea, the all day kind, that was annoying. But I’m over the hump and well into my second trimester! I even got to spend some sunshiny days in Florida last week, a welcome break from the brutal winter we’ve had in Mass.

Here is how things are going …


Well, let’s just say I’m a little more irritable these days. I’m usually super positive, but pregnancy has definitely been tugging with my emotions.  I get sad for no reason,  I cry at the littlest thing (say watching This is Us), I get (even more) angry with traffic.. oops.  I’m also not a patient person to begin with, so let’s just say my patience with everything and anything is at an all-time low. People are right when they say pregnancy emotions are crazy, because they are! On the positive side, I do have a little of that “glow” feeling and there are days where I just feel so happy.  I’m finding that exercising always puts me in a better mood.

With my BODY…

Where do I begin with this one… I have started to notice bigger changes recently. For the first trimester, I just felt yucky, but I still looked like my pre-pregnancy self. Now that the baby is getting bigger, so are parts of my body. I noticed it in my boobs first – didn’t think it would be so soon (kind of fun since I’ve always been on the smaller side). The only thing about that is, that it’s inconvenient for running – ouch.  Hello new sports bras. My pants don’t fit like they used to and I’m in that awkward stage where I just feel gross. I’m using a rubber band to keep my jeans together without having to get maternity jeans just yet.  However, everything article of clothing I put on makes me feel puffy.  I am starting to get a mini bump, which makes me think there is actually a bambino in there. I ‘m looking forward to getting go the phase where I actually look pregnant and not like I had a giant burrito for lunch. I also can’t wait to start feeling the little kicks! It’s been hard to see my fit stomach disappear before my eyes, but I keep telling myself: “this is only temporary.”



I am not having that many cravings at this time. I would say my favorite things at the moment consists of ANYTHING cheesy (actual cheese, cheeze its, pirates booty) you name it, if it has cheese, I want it.  I also love things that are sour, like sour gummy worms. I am hating things I used to eat a lot of like rotisserie chicken (yuck), sweet potatoes, some veggies.  For the most part I am eating just as I did before I got pregnant,  with the exception of some food aversions.  I’m eating when I’m hungry and I’m being sure to refuel properly after workouts.



Things are just different. I’m still training 1-2 hours a day swimming, biking and running. At this point in the pregnancy, I have a lot of energy and I feel like I did before I was pregnant, with the exception of slower paces.  My swim times have dropped, but I am loving the feel of the water. Something about swimming when pregnant feels SO good. I’m trying not to focus on the times and just enjoy the water.  I would  say biking has been the most difficult. I am not hitting my watts , it’s just impossible, so I’m trying not to get caught up in numbers. I’d be lying if I said it’s not difficult to see my fitness going away. I am still doing intervals (within reason) and I’m not being a slave to my heart rate. Running by far feels the best of the three sports.  Around week 14, I started to get some pelvic area pain/pulling, so with the help of my PT, I purchased an SI belt that goes around my pelvic bone area and sits nice and snug. With all of the hormones, there are shifts in the pelvic area and smaller muscles take over, causing things to strain. Ever since I started to wear the belt, I’ve been feeling great! I am doing both short and long runs and will continue to run for as long as my body allows.

with my MIND…

Thinking ahead and getting excited! Soon I will be feeling kicks and flutters. We also find out the gender later this month. Initially I wasn’t sure on the whole “finding out” thing, but now I want to know and Brian does too. I hear you should do as much as possible in the second trimester while you still have the energy. This goes for baby registries, maternity clothes shopping etc. It feels like my dues date is so far away and I have all this time, but I sort of don’t:)


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a new journey: announcing baby k

I’ve been keeping sort of a big secret for several weeks now…

I will be doing a different kind of “training” this year.

We’re having a baby!

Oh.My.God this is really happening!

The truth is, I had actually signed up for Ironman Lake Placid, but kept it on the DL. I bought the race insurance, hoping I wouldn’t have to race it because I’d be pregnant. I’d be lying if there wasn’t a bit of me that hoped I could still race.  Maybe I would get pregnant right after the Ironman? I thought. But then again, there is never going to be the “perfect time” to have a baby. I could continue to race for another year or two, try to get to Kona again, put the baby plans on hold… but then what? Someone once said to me, “You will not look back thinking, I wish I had raced more before baby.” Instead, you will probably think “I wish I’d started sooner.” The thing is, racing will always be there, but I can’t always have a baby. Plus, we had no idea how long it could take, because you never know until you start to try. Lucky for us, the trying part did not take very long.

To our surprise, by the third month of “trying” we got pregnant.  I consider us to be very lucky that it took such a short amount of time, since apparently there is so much that goes into actually getting pregnant. Geesh!  My entire adult life I had been trying to avoid getting pregnant and actually getting pregnant seemed so… complicated.  I was worried that my level of intense exercise would impact my fertility, but my OB reassured me that this should not play a role. However, I was training less than peak Ironman training and was in “off season” training when we got pregnant. I’m 33 years old and I’m sure age was also on my side too.

On a quiet weeknight in December, just a few days before Christmas, our lives forever changed us as a couple –  I took a test and it was positive! Since that day, I have been thinking about how I am growing a tiny human inside of me.  A teeny tiny human, who is now the size of a peach apparently.

When we found out,  I was 4 weeks and 3 days along. This was EARLY.  Brian and I didn’t want to get too excited about the pregnancy because it was so early and I know many women who had  miscarried before 12 weeks (end of first trimester).  So we kept it a secret, between just the two of us, for another 8 weeks.  Keeping such a big secret was hard! On the other hand, it was kind of fun to have this be “our little secret”for a little while. As of today, I am 15 weeks along and we have shared the news with all of our friends and family.  Thank you to those of you who have shown the love on Instagram and Facebook!

While I’m so very exited, there is also a lot of fear. By reading this,  it might seem like I’m not being super positive about being pregnant, but I’m just being honest. Everyone has different concerns when they are pregnant, and these are mine at the moment.

So here we go. 

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