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Thinking Out Loud Thursday! #1

I am linking up with Amanda today for Thinking out Loud Thursday! I love this idea and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon!

Here are some of my random thoughts this Thursday

  • The Boston Marathon is 18 days away and I’m sort-of panicking. I don’t feel 100% with my plantar fasciitis and now shin splints (new issue). I wish I could say I feel confident about this race, but I don’t. I ran it last year, and I ran Chicago in October, so I know what my body feels like during a Marathon, just not an injured body. My mind is spinning over the whole thing.

marathon 6


  • Bringing flowers to the office makes being indoors all day a bit more tolerable. I want to get in the habit of taking fresh flowers to work every week.




  • I feel really ‘weak’ lately and I really miss Crossfit. With the suggestion of my triathlon coach and chiropractor, I gave up crossfit (for a little while). I really LOVED going to Crossfit 2-3 days/week, but I was finding that my muscles ALWAYS felt tired. With all of the swimming, biking and running that I do, it was just too much. I went from Crossfit to basically doing ZERO strength training and I hate how I feel. In the last few weeks I have started to do TRX and body weight work, but I miss lifting weights. This is why I have signed up with a trainer who is going to do my triathlon specific weight training programming… this will start next week! I can’t wait to get back into lifting again!




  • I feel like I’m always rushing. I try to squeeze 28 hours in a 24 hour day- always! I feel like I’m always running around like a madwoman.. it probably doesn’t help that I put a lot of pressure on myself and I am very much ‘type A’




  • I am proud of myself this week. For the first time, I presented at big meeting at work, and I did really well! I was super nervous since it was with a lot of the ‘big wigs’ at the office, but they were all very impressed with me! Something to feel great about this week.




  • I can’t wait to ride my bike outside. I have been riding indoors on my trainer since November! This weekend it might get into the 60’s here in Boston and I think I’m going to take my bike outside for a change, I can’t wait to get that rush that I get when riding down a hill outside… I have surely missed it!






My other life (besides training that is)

Kristin's Camera- Personal 024

Besides training and racing, I love to spend my spare time with my husband Todd and our West Highland Terrier Oliver. We have had Oliver for four years now, since he was a little puppy, and he is the love of our lives! Since we love him and Westies so much, we thought it would be great to volunteer with our local Westie rescue chapters! If it were up to me, we would have 2-3 dogs in the house, but my husband is the practical one! I guess there has to be one, right?


For the past few years, we have been Foster parents to Westies who have been surrendered by their owners or have been saved from puppy mills. Think of it as being a foster parent for a child, but in this case it’s for a dog. We have fostered a total of seven dogs and plan to keep helping out whenever we can. Typically when we foster, we can expect to have the dog for 1-2 weeks, sometimes more. Being a foster dog parent is such a feel good thing! Instead of being put in a kennel or a shelter, these dogs can stay in our home and have a fenced in backyard. We show them unconditional love until they are placed with the perfect family. It is always very bittersweet when they find a family. I am very happy to see them find their forever home, but I am also sad to see them go… how can one not get attached to these little fluff balls?

Our most recent foster puppy, Whitney

Our most recent foster puppy, Whitney

I am very passionate about helping animals and I even ran the Chicago Marathon in October for TEAM PAWS. I know not every dog can be helped or saved, but I like to know that I’m making a difference! Dogs teach us how to love unconditionally and to live every day in the present moment.

westie 2

 If you are interested in being a foster parent to a dog, check out your local rescue organizations! They will be happy to hear from you, I promise.

 Would love to hear about how you help animals!


I hate rest day.

Rest days totally mess with my head.


I know I have had a tough couple of weeks of training, and I’m pretty beat up, but I still hate having to rest today. As an athlete, I am used to my routine of waking up, training, eating breakfast, going to work, and most days training after work. It was really weird this morning to sleep in an extra hour and shower (without sweating beforehand), and then just go to work. I know this is what most people at my office do, but it’s not me, and it feels weird to not work out on a day during the week. When I take a rest day, it feels like something is missing. I can’t help but want to sneak a little workout in… but that voice in my head keeps saying ‘no, this rest is good for you Kristin, don’t do it!’. My coach must have scheduled an OFF day for a reason, and I need to abide by it, knowing that in the end, this is good for me.

I find it’s also weird to know what to eat on Rest days. I’m not expending TONS of energy like I normally do, therefore I should probably eat less, but I find I am still hungry all day long (as if I did workout). The key thing is to focus on eating all REAL nutrient dense foods on rest days, especially foods that reduce inflammation. I eat these foods on a regular basis anyways, but it’s especially important on rest days! Oh and I also plan to focus on lots of stretching and foam rolling tonight!

I just wish my rest day today could be spent on the beach, and not in a cubicle. Then I would actually want to rest.


One other thing about taking a rest day, it puts me in a bad mood.  Without releasing endorphins, I feel cranky! … watch out co workers:)


How do you cope with ‘rest days’?


IMMT Training Week 21

photo (11)

Jumping for joy after 14 miles on Saturday~

The Stats:
3 weeks until the Boston Marathon
21 weeks until IMMT
Total Training hours last week: 17

How am I feeling? This past week was another busy training week!  I am looking forward to this week ahead, which includes some recovery days.   I was really happy to still have some energy left in my tank by the time is got to my Sunday workouts.  I think this has a lot to do with fueling properly during and post training sessions.  My heel/plantar fasciitis is doing OK, I’ve been doing A LOT of self trigger point massage on my calves.

Training notes: I have been experimenting with post workout recovery fueling. I reached out to my sports nutritionist, because I have a hard time stomaching most recovery beverages.  He suggested trying a few different kinds of recovery beverages to see what I liked. After reading reviews online and in Triathlete Magazine, I decided to give Osmo Nutrition a try this weekend (will review this later this week!) I drank Osmo Acute Recovery Sports Drink post Saturday and Sunday workouts… I was happy with the results!


Here’s a recap of the week:

Monday March 24
Swim: 3,000 yds Masters Practice (Distance day)
Core workout

Tuesday March 25
Bike: Duration: 01:30:00 w/ Speed Work
Run: 30 min (Brick Run)

Wednesday March 26
Swim: 3,000 yds at Master’s practice
Bike: (recovery) 55 min

Thursday March 27
Bike: Zone 2 01:25:00 Tempo Ride (2 x 20 low cad @ Z2)
Run: Speed Work
Duration: 01:05:00
30 min
Main Set:1 X (5k repeats, with 3 minute recovery between each), 1 X (1 mile repeats, with 3 minute recovery between each)

Friday March 28
Swim: 3,000 yds- Masters Practice with sprints/intervals
Bike: Recovery ride 57 min

Saturday March 29
Bike: All Out 50 min (with 10 x 30 second sprints)
Run: Zone1/ Zone 2: 01:40:00

photo 2 (23)

60 miles on the trainer.. personal indoor record for me:)

Sunday March 30
Bike: Zone 1 Duration: 04:05:00 Distance: 60 Miles
*I rode for 4 hours on my indoor trainer, a new personal record for me! My internet & cable also wasn’t working, so I couldn’t watch my Amazon Prime Videos or TV. I resorted to watching Ironman World Championship YouTube videos on my iphone to make the time go by (and motivated me!)

Brick Run Duration 45 min (My legs felt great on this run! Very reassuring after 4 hours on the bike… Feeling better about tackling the hills at Boston!)

I enjoyed running in the rain

I enjoyed running in the rain

Phew! Glad that week is complete…

How was your training last week?!



Friday Five

Yay, it’s Friday!

This work week went by fast, and I’m grateful for that!  I have been busy with work and my training, all of the days just blend together… that happen to anyone else? It’s going to rain all weekend in Boston, which means I will be indoors riding on my trainer and running outside, if I’m lucky.

Here are five of my favorite things this Friday!

Tessemae’s Dressings

I have been using Tessemae’s dressings for over a year now, and I will NEVER go back to ‘regular store bought dressings’ ever again. You will not find a tastier, healthier dressing out there. All of their dressings are made with REAL ingredients that you can pronounce and are good for you! Their motto is: Around here, we keep it real! My favorite flavors are Lemon Garlic, Zesty Ranch and Black Pepper. I love to add the dressings to steamed and roasted veggies, salads, chicken wings, you name it. Most recently, I have been roasting asparagus with the Cracked Pepper dressing… delicious!

Beauty Protector Detangler Spray

I got a sample of Beauty Protector in my Birchbox and couldn’t get enough. I have since ordered the full size bottle, and my hair has never felt softer. I swim in a pool 3 days a week, which used to wreak havoc on my hair, but no longer! This paraben- and sulfate-free detangler seals the cuticles and smooths and moisturizes, thereby minimizing frizz. I highly recommend this stuff for anyone who swims or wants to give their hair new life.

Trigger Point Therapy Kit

My chiropractor recommended this kit to me for my tight calves, and it has helped me tremendously. The knots in my calves definitely contribute to my Plantar Fasciitis. I find that when I roll my calf on the Trigger point ball, it makes a big difference. I have been using the kit every night, just to losen things up. It makes a difference in my lower legs when I wake up in the morning. It is very painful, but that’s how I know it’s doing the job!

Hoo Ha Ride Glide

I won’t get in to much detail here, ha, but this stuff is a lifesaver! If you are a female and you ride a bike, you need this stuff. When riding for several hours on the bike, this makes things A LOT more comfortable. In addition to having healing agents, the Hoo Ha chafing cream is enriched w/ barley extract, lavender, eucalyptus leaf, tea tree and peppermint oil. The ingredients provide a lasting cool feeling so you enjoy your ride, run or spin class!

Speedo Color Block Silicone Swim Cap

I love this new swim cap design from Speedo! Anything to get me in the water at 5:00 AM, right?

 Have a lovely weekend!