Pregnancy Update: Into the 3rd Trimester!

The last I wrote about my pregnancy, I was in the 2nd trimester, and now I’m into 3rd and final trimester. Woah, where has the time gone. I’m officially 31 weeks today and I’m 7 months and counting. Baby boy is moving and grooving like crazy in my belly. Sometimes it feels like a tidal wave in there. I can see him moving which is like some kind of alien in there, wiggling from side to side. No surprise that we have a super active bebe and he will probably come out running.

Working full time and staying active has kept me sane and also keeps my mind off of what’s happening. The scary part is, now I have 9 weeks give or take to get everything together before baby. Trying not to freak out over here…

Here’s a peak at what I’ve been up to over the last few months

We took our honeymoon

The Canary Islands and Lisbon, Portugal were dreamy. I picked the perfect time in my pregnancy to travel overseas. I was around 21-22 weeks at the time of our trip and I had lots of energy still and was not showing too much to be uncomfortable.  It made for an active & relaxing vacation and we had just the best time!

Tenerife @ 21 weeks pregnant

We’re going through house renovations

Public service announcement : Do not go through home renovations when pregnant.  I repeat, do not go through home renovations when pregnant. They never finish when planned, and this will leave you stressed, weeping uncontrollably and at times, angry at your husband for no reason (sorry babe).  There are also all of these nasty smells, toxic chemicals you can’t be around and noises that you can’t stand.

Training – or as I like to call it – Maintaining – is going well

3,000 yds @ 30 weeks

Some athletes choose to take a break from training peaks, but I have chosen to have a plan every week from my coach. It’s nothing crazy, more of a maintenance type plan. But since I am a little OCD with my training, in order to feel “normal” to myself during this pregnancy, I need to see that there is a daily workout on the calendar. To be honest, even if there wasn’t a workout on training peaks, I would still workout, but it’s something about having a “plan” that I like. It’s a very flexible plan however. I don’t stick to it 100% and I use it more for workout ideas and inspiration.


Swimming continues to feel really good! I’m swimming on average 3 x per week, anywhere between 1,500-3,000 yards per session. I love how swimming makes me feel weightless, like I don’t have basketball belly. I don’t really notice I’m pregnant in the water, other than my times are slower. I’ve been trying not to look at the times, but just enjoy it, and it’s working out really well. I love how swimming stretches out my abdomen and entire body, really lengthening what at times, feels so compressed. I just love the water to begin with and have always felt so connected to water in general. It makes me happy to think I’m exposing my son to water already, even in the womb. I also add paddles or fins to make me feel extra fast -little  preggo secret right there.


Biking has become more exhausting as of late and just not as enjoyable as it was. It felt really good up until around 28 weeks, when I started to grow significantly. Now that my belly is really popping, it’s not even that comfy to hold onto the handle bars. I also find it makes me the most out of breath, even when going easy. I am still riding 2-3 days/week, about 1 – 1.5 hours at a time. I put on a good TV show and try not to focus on how out of shape I feel. One thing I enjoy is doing high resistance sets on the training, I pretend I’m riding up a hill and I feel it’s strengthening my quads! It’s a way for me to feel the burn without me feeling like I’m gasping for air.


9 miles @ 28 weeks

Running feels the best, still, even at 30+ weeks. I consider myself to be very lucky that I am running pain free at this point in the pregnancy.  Lately I have been feeling extra good while running, which is strange because I’m gaining more weight in my middle, but I’ll take it. Then again, some days are better than others. Trust me, there are days when I just want my old body back. For instance, when I have to run into the woods for a bathroom emergency (happening more often these days). I don’t run with heart rate, and I try not to look at my paces. I just enjoy it for what it is, running. It’s liberating in a sense, not to care about the times or the data, but just run. I think that’s why I’ve liked it so much. It also takes me back to when I started running at around 13 years old and would run just to run. As baby boy gets bigger, it does feel like he’s pushing my bladder at every step, which is not the most comfortable thing. I feel like I have to pee every mile or two, and try to pick running routes where I know there is a bathroom, port-a-potty, or woods to jump into.  I wear an SI Joint support belt around my hips and pelvic area, this helps me to feel more stable and makes my low back less sore after each run. At this point I’m running 15-20 miles/week and up to 7-8 miles for my longer runs!

Playing Sherpa is actually fun

Patriot Half Ironman 6/17

Sitting on the sidelines while the hubby trains and races has not been easy. I will admit, there is major FOMO going on when he gets to do hard workouts of go for long rides. The same goes for what I see on social media. Being pregnant in the summer, this is one of the downsides, it’s PEAK race season, for literally everyone… but me. So, while at times I feel like I’m on an island alone, I remind myself that this is temporary.. that the races will always, always be there… and being pregnant is such a gift. This might be the only time I go through this and it’s very special. What I am doing is greater than any race I will ever do, and I need to remember that. Still, it’s so hard not to be a part of it all! To stay home while my husband and friends/teammates train… gosh it’s tough!!


It’s often talked about how women have crazy pregnancy cravings. I’m still not having huge cravings, like I HAVE to eat something. I am eating differently, and not loving certain foods that I used to eat all the time. The focus is on small portions and eating snacks throughout the day. This is also how I manage the heart burn I suffer with on an almost daily basis. Favorites lately are fresh fruit, cheese (anything with cheese), vanilla almond butter and cinnamon raisin toast. When I snack, I try to eat calorie dense foods in small portions, such as nuts, so baby K is getting the calories he needs!

What’s next

Looking forward to our Babymoon in Bermuda in a few weeks! We also are signed up for a childbirth class in mid July, as well as some over “baby prep” classes.

30 weeks by the pool @coeursports


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