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Training lately.

It’s been weeks since I did an Ironman Training Update, I have been slacking! Well slacking with the training posts that is, not the actual training. I’ve been kicking serious butt with my training and finally, one month after the Boston Marathon, I feel like I never even ran the race… now that’s a good sign!


13 weeks… 87 days until Ironman Mont-Tremblant!


Getting pumped for Eagleman 70.3! In just 24 short days, I’ll be racing my first triathlon of the season! Holy smokes! Eagleman is about an 8 hours drive from where we live (it’s in Maryland), so we’re making a little vacation out of it! Todd and I will be staying at a cute little B&B on the water, should be nice and relaxing (minus the 70.3 miles that is). I’m trying to think of this race as a long training day, as it’s not my ‘A’ race. However, a PR would be nice. The course is FLAT and FAST, but it can get windy and hot (comparable to Kona conditions I’ve heard). Oh and apparently, there’s jellyfish in the Choptank river where the swim takes place?! Ahhhh! The water tends to be too warm for a wetsuit legal race, so I went ahead and ordered my ROKA Viper SwimSkin, can’t wait to test that baby out when it arrives.


Anyways, time is flying by, so, so fast. I don’t even know what day it is most of the time. Train, eat (all day), work, train, sleep repeat…. I’m not going to lie, I feel like I’m on autopilot. I LOVE being busy, but it can also get exhausting at the same time. There is a fine line between busy and having your system be overtaxed. As I’ve said before, just trying to balance it all.



Still being a fish! I’m swimming 3-4 x week, last week I got up to 12,000 yards! In addition to Masters Swim practices during the week, I’ve been swimming on the weekends, to get an additional long swim workout in. For example Masters Practices are typically 3,000 yards and last Saturday I swam 3,600 yards. I also had the joy of swimming in a 50 meter pool- love long course swimming! I also love how the Garmin 920xt can switch to 50 meter mode, and then converts to yards when you are done! I also love how fast time goes by in a 50 meter pool, but my goodness, it seems to take forever to reach the other side. Looking forwad to starting open water swimming next week. The water is finally warm enough at the local pond and I can’t wait to get into some fresh water!

Loving… my Roka Googles (F2 light auburn), snorkel swimming (nose piece required) and soon to be open water!



Oh boy… where do I start.

The bike continues to be my Achilles heel. It’s where I’m not my most comfortable; it’s my slowest sport of the three. I lack confidence here and I still haven’t found my groove. I feel frustrated that it’s not happening faster (my connection with cycling), and I’m growing impatient. I keep asking myself: when will I get faster, stronger, more efficient on two wheels? Why does it always have to feel like such a struggle? I have been working REALLY hard though! I’ve been doing lots of TOUGH intervals. Intervals on the trainer so difficult that I want to throw up and there is no time for instagramming. I super determined to turn my legs into a powerhouse on the bike. I need to put things in perspective… I’ve been running since age 12. I’ve only been biking since 2010 (and only seriously focused on biking since ~2013). This takes time, I know,but what the heck, some people make it look so easy!!


Riding with teammates!

On the weekends, I am doing long rides and bricks, with others! Yay! This has been both fun and discouraging at the same time. So far I have been on two long rides with my E3 Training teammates (all who are faster than me). I know it helps you get better when you train with FAST people, but it also makes me feel slow, and that kind of sucks. I’m not good with being the ‘worst’ one of the bunch. I know I’m not SLOW by any means, 18.5-19 mph average over 60 miles is not that slow… but compared to people doing 21 mph over 60 miles, it feels slow. I averaged 18.2 mph at IMMT last year over 112, if I want to get to the Big Island, let’s face it, I need to get closer to the 20’s… it’s just the way it is. I have less than 90 days to get there… I like to think ANYHING is possible, but the bike has me worried!


Toughest workout so far… 61 mile ride with some TT intervals, followed by a 40 minute run at 7:30 pace! in 84+ degree weather! Wow that was tough!


loving … my new Quarq Power Meter.  Yes I got a POWER METER!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!, New Cobb JOF 55 Saddle, Chamois Butt’r Euro Style (thanks Jana!) Soon to get re-fitted on my bike to get more aero!




After Boston, I’m back at it! Most of my runs have been at ‘easy pace’ and I only just started picking up the pace again. Last week I even did my first track workout since last summer, it felt awesome! I seriously love the track (I ran track in highscool and it takes me back). I think it’s important to change the surface you run on… track, trail, etc… to help with injury prevention. Speaking of trails, I’ve been doing a bit of trail running too! Leading up to Eagleman, I have some SOLID bricks coming up… bike rides followed by long runs… scared, yet excited.


I returned to my favorite trails last week… for a nice 12 milerDCIM106GOPROGOPR6297.


Loving… my Hokas and running fast again!


As far as nutrition goes, I’m really enjoying trying new things this season! This means all things OSMO!

Osmo Nutrition Recovery Smoothies with White Mocha Women’s Protein +  Cuppow lid/mason jar! Some of you asked me about my mason jar lid on Instagram.  It’s a game-changer for smoothies!!


The new Osmo Strawberry, it’s so refreshing on long, hot bike rides! If only I could find a way to keep it cold!


and trying Osmo Pre-Load before TOUGH (and hot) training days to get that extra sodium. It tastes SUPER salty, and it kind of hard to take down at first, but I am getting the hang of if with baby sips:)


And how can I forget the well-deserved ice cream treat! It’s all about balance, right?! Sweet and salty taste so good after a tough weekend of training:)


In a nutshell, I am really happy with how things are going and the way I’m feeling. I feel strong and healthy… and I have no aches and pains, even after running Boston on April 20th. I had ART (Active Release Therapy) done this week and it felt amazing. Apparently my quads are strong, yet a knotted mess, who knew?! 😉 I am however feeling quite tired, and there are days when I don’t want to train. Days like this are what will make me mentally strong.


Looking forward to a mini training camp this weekend in New Hampshire with my E3 teammates. We’ll be biking 100 miles on Friday in the mountains… and 70+ miles on Saturday… all with some runs and swims thrown in the mix too. Bring it on!!

How is your training going?

Any plans for the long weekend (if you live in the US that is!) ?

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  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead May 21, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    Your training is always so inspiring. You’re going to kill it this season!! As far as long weekend plans, I’m going to visit my family on the other side of the state. I’m hoping to get in some hiking or trail running there, but the weather looks like it’s not going to cooperate. Whomp whomp.

  • Reply Hailey May 24, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    I can only imagine how time feels like it’s flying for you. I feel like you just signed up for your second Ironman! haha! You’re doing so great, Kristin. I’m so excited for you! I always enjoy reading your training posts. They are extremely motivating 🙂 I finally got back to racing this weekend for the first time in five months. Definitely missed it! Have a great weekend!

  • Reply Leslie @ Triathlete Treats May 25, 2015 at 3:37 am

    Sounds like training is going really good!! Keep up the good work!! Your biking will come in time!! Just keep working at it!! 🙂 Hope your long weekend training was good!!
    My training has been going good! I have the same problem with running (as you do biking). I can train, run hard, “fast” and I feel like I get no where!!

  • Reply Lee@tri*inspired*life May 26, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Glad your training is going so well and most importantly, your body is feeling good! As you continue to ride with the faster group, I bet your speed will really pick up! I ride with a group regularly that pushes me speed wise and I have really seen recent gains. Plus it is super fun!

    The weekend was good…got in my last weekend of training before Raleigh 70.3!

  • Reply Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles May 26, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Great job with your training Kristin, you are rocking it. I have no doubt you will get a ton faster on your bike (even though you are already really fast) but training with faster people, given your competitive nature, will make you faster!!

    I also use the Cuppow tops for our mason jars (we only drink out of Mason jars at home) and we got them to transition Ashton from a sippy cup to regular cups. Now he uses the regular cups and I use the tops for my smoothies, so its a win/win! They are so awesome, aren’t they?

    Have a great week my friend! xo

  • Reply Beth May 28, 2015 at 1:54 am

    Wow, amazing work! ART is amazing, good reminder I should go get some more work done =)

  • Reply Mary June 10, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    I don’t know how you do it! I’m training for my first 70.3 ( Pumkinman) and I’m only averaging 15-17 on the bike and that’s my strong sport. I’m coming back from a stress fx so I haven’t been running. It’s so discouraging. All I know is, 4 years ago I didn’t do any of this and I’ve already had 2 podiums this year. If you’re ever in NH I would love to ride w you. Good luck and continue kicking butt!

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