Countdown to Ironman Mont-Tremblant: 19 Weeks {adjusting}

So hard to believe I am in the teens when it comes to weeks counting down to IMMT! Time is flyin’ by!


Last week was a very successful week of training. I had the week off from work (in between my old job and new job), so this gave me lots of time to train on my own agenda. I felt well rested, averaging 9+ hours of sleep a night- boy did I need that! It’s amazing how much better you feel when you are well rested…. who knew?! 🙂 Fast forward to this current week, and I’m slacking in the sleep department. New job + longer commute + same training = less sleep + a tired Kristin. I know I will get in a groove, but this week has been hard! I need to figure out a solution soon because training is going to really start ramping up!
Ok here’s what I was up to last week, when I had all the time in the world to get my training (and recovery) done.
Total: ~14 hours total training
10,000 total yards
Monday = Recovery swim
Wednesday + Friday Masters Practice!
Feeling fantastic in the water. I’m continuing to lead sets for my lane and I’m gaining confidence week after week.
80 Miles
Tuesday + Thursday = Intervals! Each workout 1:00 hour long for intervals.
Hardest workout of the week was this lovely workout:
WU: 20′ @ z1, 5′ as 25″ @ z4/35″ @ z1, 5′ @ z2
MS: 5×2′ @ high z4 (60″ @ z1)
10′ @ z2
CD: 5’@ z1
Long Ride on Sunday was 2.5 hours, mostly at Zone 2 effort
I had to get up nice and early and ride, because of Easter Sunday. I did my long run the day before, but my legs were surprisingly fresh! I didn’t even really have soreness. It was also a nice way to ‘shake out’ the legs after a long run day.

24 miles on land
~ 5 miles in waterIMG_7582A bit of a different approach last week…
I did some water running at the beginning of the week, to give the legs a break.Tuesday = 35 minutes of water running
Thursday = 45 minutes of water running
Friday = 30 minutes easy runSaturday = 20 MILER!!
I ran 20 miles on Saturday and felt fantastic!! I chose to run on a mostly flat route and my body responded well. The Minuteman Bike Path in Massachusetts is 20 miles one direction and it’s strictly bike and walk/run traffic. It can be boring, but it’s nice and flat, perfect for an extra long run. I started at around 11:00 AM and ran with headphones (I only run with headphones for 20 miles, ha ha). Temps were in the 50’s but it was SUPER windy. I had the wind at my back going out and coming back I had a crazy headwind that I was fighting. For most of the run, I focused on an easy pace.Average pace for 20 miles = 8:14 min/mile and I finished in 2 hours 45 minutes.DCIM105GOPROGOPR5247.

How did the long run feel?
This was my longest run since my Ironman in August. For the entire run, I honestly felt great. My nagging TFL pain that used to be there is now non existent. My knee pain that used to be there on long runs… is also non existent. I have never felt better and it’s kind of crazy. I told my chiropractor that I’m not used to feeling ‘this good.’ I tend to look for pain when I’m not in pain… which is bad! He told me to enjoy feeling good… so I’m trying to do just that!


With The Boston Marathon 10 days away, you are probably wondering, is she running the race?!

I am scared to say yes… but I am leaning towards yes. Given how I am feeling at this moment, I think the Boston Marathon is something I can handle. I’m going to see how my last long run this weekend goes (14 miles) and will go from there. I know it might seem crazy that I’m deciding on this last minute, but well, that’s kind of how I do everything in my life. I will have an answer for you next week!


And I can’t forget the functional strength training! I even did one workout outside last week:)


In other random news, we are fostering a pup named Maxx and he is the cutest!



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  • Reply Kecia April 11, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Nice, solid week chica!! Getting enough sleep is always more challenging as the number of training hours increase. When you do water running, does it give you tight calves? When I do water running, I end up with DOMS in my calves so bad that I can hardly walk for a few days post water running. I’m so excited to read about next week to see how much you are lovin’ your new job 🙂

  • Reply Kristen @ Glitter and Dust April 11, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    YES!!! I am so excited that you are leaning toward running the Boston Marathon. I had a feeling that you were going to go through with it, especially since your running lately had felt really good. Once again, I get to live vicariously through your experience (if you say yes). I’m sure it’s still a tough decision, which is why you are waiting until last minute, as the event is so unique and special. Plus, it’s close to home. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be the right decision for you.

    How do you like your new job? You will have to update us all soon. ☺ I’m sure it will take a couple weeks to adjust to the new demands and schedule, but at least you are adaptable. That is nice that you had a week in between jobs to really focus on training and rest. I’m sure you needed to additional sleep!

    How long will you have Maxx for?

  • Reply Abby April 11, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    So awesome your body is feeling so good, especially running! I don’t even remember what that feels like after years of nagging injury! You must be doing something right!
    And super impressed with your swimming! 10,000 yards is no joke, and it must be so nice to see such improvement!
    Hope work is going well!

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