IMMT Training Recap {3 Weeks} + PEAK WEEK

I did it! I survived my 20 hour peak training week… and with flying colors! A week that once seemed really scary, I can now can say I dominated. One of the best feelings in the world is seeing progress in front of your own eyes. If I could summarize how I am feeling right now, it’s one word: emotional.

Weeks until IMMT: < 3  (19 DAYS)

Without struggle there is no progress.

July 28 2014 071

At this point, I have successfully completed the bulk of my Ironman training. From now until the race everything will be a little easier than it was last week. I can honestly say I truly feel CONFIDENT that I will not only finish this Ironman, but I might actually do really well!

I never give up!!! ✨✨

Not only did I have 20 hours of training last week, but the previous week was 19 hours.  Two really big weeks in a row, forced me to dig deep when I was really tired, mentally and physically.  There were some mornings that I didn’t even want to get out of bed to train, but I did anyways.  On those mornings where all I wanted to do is sleep, I reminded myself of what’s on the horizon.

Here is what an Ironman-in-training looks like at 5:00 AM i.e. can’t open my eyes. 

July 28 2014 030

 The EPIC WEEK in training.. bear with me, there’s a lot here:


1200 yds, recovery pace
3 x 400 Pull Buoy at 800TT pace plus 15 seconds per 100 (ZR swim pace).

Strength: TRX Full Routine: Upper and lower body exercises


Bike: 2:00 hours on my indoor trainer

Speed Work/ Best Sustainable Effort
35 min @ ZR/Z1
Main Set:
2 X (10 min interval, 5 min recovery @ ZR).
1 x (5 min interval, 3 min recovery @ ZR).
to final ride time @ ZR/Z1

Run: Zone 1
Duration: 00:40:00
Z1 T Run (1st mile Z2)


July 28 2014 017
Swim: Best Sustainable Effort
Distance: 4200 yds (Ironman distance!)

I discovered an outdoor pool near my office and did this workout there! It was so great to be outside.  I only wish I had found this pool at the beginning of the Summer!

Monster Set
Warmup/Main Set:
o Pull 800,
o 7 X 100
o 4 X 200 Paddles
o 5 X 100
o Pull 600,
o 3 X 100
o 2 X 200 Paddles

Bike: ZR recovery ride 1:00


July 28 2014 036

Bike: Zone 2 (indoor trainer workout)
Duration: 01:40:00
Tempo Ride (2 x 25 low cad @ Z2)
Warm Up:
25 min @ZR/Z1
Main Set:
2 X 25 minutes at Z2 and 70rpm with 5 min @Z1 and 90rpm between each
Cool Down:
To final ride time @ZR/Z1

Run: Speed Work (Track Workout)

July 28 2014 040

July 28 2014 043

I had an amazing track workout on this day.  In high school I was never able to break 6:00 for the mile, and I broke it during this workout!  I ran my first mile in 5:57, so psyched! I felt so fast during the entire workout and could have stayed out there forever.  I swear, nothing beats a summer night track workout:)

Duration: 01:05:00
Distance: 9 miles
15 min @ ZR/Z1
Main Set:
3 X (1 mile repeats, with 3 minute recovery between each)
Times: 1: 5:57, 2: 6:10, 3. 6:16 pace
2 X (1/4 mile repeats, with 1.5 minute recovery between each)
Times: 1:27, 1:30
To final run time @ ZR/Z1


Swim: Best Sustainable Effort
Distance: 3,000 yds
Speed Set Swim
800 continuous @ TT+10 sec
Main Set:
1 X (Best sustainable 600) Take 20seconds rest after.
5 X (Best sustainable repeats of: 50 on TT+10 sec)
Cool Down:
400 easy pull buoy
100 easy kick
300 relaxed pull buoy
100 easy kick
200 steady pull buoy

Run: Zone R, Recovery pace
Duration: 00:35:00


July 28 2014 061

I took off to NH this weekend, with just Oliver and my parents.  Todd was at a Bachelor party, which gave me the opportunity to really focus on my training and just worry about myself:)

Over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday I completed a total of 115 miles biking, 20 miles running and 1 mile swimming.  That’s 136 miles JUST over the weekend!  I think I understand why my coach had the weekend set up like that on peak week… since it’s basically a full Ironman in two days! I trained in New Hampshire on Saturday, which I think it perfect for IMMT training.  


Bike: Zone 1 (Average HR = 138, tried hard to keep it in Z1 (130 – 140 bpm) as prescribed, which is hard for me to do, especially in New Hampshire).  I did the Ironman Timberman 70.3 course, basically twice over.  Great practice for the hills of Tremblant!

July 28 2014 066

Duration: 05:20:00
Elevation Gain: 4,500 ft
Distance: 100 miles (approx. 18.5 mph avg pace without race wheels or aero helmet, and at Z1 intensity!)
**The goal for this workout was to descend the pace by getting faster throughout the workout. My coach wanted me to start at the lower end of zone 1 and work my way toward the top by the end**

July 28 2014 068

I mainly stayed in Z1 for this ride, although the hills made it difficult to always stay in Z1! I also extended my scheduled ride time by 20 minutes because I was so close to 100 miles and wanted to get there! I took it at a slower pace for the last 20 minutes, making sure not to over-train.

Run: Brick Run – Zone 1 HR

July 28 2014 082
Duration: 00:50:00
Distance: 6.5 miles
T run started within 10 minutes after the bike ride

I was shocked at how GOOD my legs felt after riding 100 miles. Hopefully this is a good sign!  The run was really hilly from the start and my legs still felt pretty fresh… I’m sure the extra salt tabs and the banana helped too:)


July 28 2014 098

Bike: All Out Trainer Ride
Duration: 01:00:00
20 min @ ZR
Main Set:
10 X (30 seconds all out at 105+ rpm, 2.5 min total rest)
to final ride time @ ZR

Swim: Zone R
Distance: 1500 yds
Recovery Swim
2 x 700 Pull Buoy at 800TT pace plus 15 seconds per 100 (ZR swim pace). Take 30 seconds rest between
100 easy kick

July 28 2014 101

Run: Zone 2 (I ran on the local bike path, it was nice and shady for a post thunderstorm run at 95% humidity!)
Duration: 01:45:00
Distance: 13.7
Z1/Z2 Run
61 minutes at Z1, then 44 minutes @ Z2. Descend the pace throughout the run and finish toward the top of Z2.

After this run I was DONE with peak week and just had to take a photo to commemorate the occasion! WAHOO!!

July 28 2014 107

After my run, I enjoyed a nice long shower, my favorite veggie pizza and lots of water.

July 28 2014 112

As a side note, one thing that keeps happening to me after my long, hard training days, is that I have NO appetite aferwards.  Sometimes it takes me 2-3 hours to want to eat normal again.  I take my recovery drink withing 30 minutes after a hard session, but then I honestly don’t want to eat at all.  I get super nauseous.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Looking forward to just 10 hours of training this week and a deep tissue massage tomorrow!

How is your training going?


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  • Reply Jamie @ couchtoironwoman July 28, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Nice job this week! We also rode 100 miles this weekend! It’s getting close!

    • Reply Kristin July 29, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Thanks Jamie! Congrats on getting your 100 miler in too! So close now!

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead July 29, 2014 at 2:47 am

    Whoa three times: once to your overall training, once to your running speed on tired legs, and once to your awesome abs! You’re going to do amazing in your Ironman!!

    • Reply Kristin July 29, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Thanks Cassie!! Really appreciate it:)

  • Reply Kecia July 29, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Congrats on reaching the taper!! You ROCKED this training and are so ready for race day 🙂

    • Reply Kristin July 29, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      Thank you!!! I can’t believe it’s almost race day! Looking forward to a 10 hour week this week, 14 hours the following week and then the REAL taper:)

  • Reply Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles July 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Dang woman! Way to crush it!!! You’re going to be incredible at IMMT!

  • Reply Kristen @ Glitter and Dust July 29, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    This must have been the icing on the cake for all of your hard work. You are READY!!! I was watching an Ironman video the other day and was getting teary eyed watching people cross the finish line. I will definitely have the live feed going when you are almost there. I can’t imagine how that is going to feel. 🙂

    • Reply Kristin August 6, 2014 at 9:28 pm

      Yes definitely icing on the cake with this peak week! I cry every time I watch an ironman video… gives me goosebumps!

  • Reply Leslie @ Triathlete Treats August 1, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Awesome job!!! You are so ready and going to kill MT!!! I am so excited for you!!!! If you don’t have an appetite after big work outs…wait until the race. I haven’t had much of an appetite all week!!! But it is coming around slowly!!! 🙂

    • Reply Kristin August 6, 2014 at 9:29 pm

      Thanks Leslie!! I can only imagine how messed up my gut is going to feel after IMMT:( Hope you’re feeling back to normal!

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