Sacrifice with Ironman training + my honest opinion

I’m quickly starting to realized that training for an Ironman is going to take up all of my free time, and then some.



It’s now mid-march and my race is in August, honestly, it’s not that far away.  It seems like it’s far away, but it’s not! 22 weeks and counting…

If there’s anything Ironman training does, it teaches you how to multitask like no other and manage your time REALLY well.  My time before and after work is scheduled to a science, every minute is precious, every second counts. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of people that don’t have to work a full time job and can train whenever they want.  However, I like a challenge and I’m up for it. Ironman training is hard work and it’s not cheap either. This being said, a recent article in the New York Times annoyed me a bit…

The article was Titled: “Ironman? Yes, You Can” Armed with the latest carbon-fiber bikes, heart-rate monitors, advanced wetsuits and other gear, mere mortals are conquering the 140.6-mile triathlon.  The Article went on to say: Advanced triathlon equipment, like carbon-fiber bikes (easily $20,000 with all the trimmings), more buoyant wetsuits ($1,200 is not unheard of) and quick-to-slip-on shoes (around $400) can help athletes “buy speed.”


Ugh. This article frustrates me. I’m well aware that I’m in love with a sport that is flooded with investment bankers, trust fund babies and doctors (sorry, but it’s true)… I have learned to accept this.  Triathlon is a very expensive sport and for a lot of people that do Ironmans, it’s no problem at all. Yes, it makes me jealous at times, but it also gives me fuel for fire.  Yes, it’s frustrating seeing people that can drop thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest bike and wetsuit, no problem. Not only is it equipment they are buying, but they are travelling to islands like St Croix to race Ironmans- I wish! Of course I would love to travel to these races one day (I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my goal), but some people can do this every year.  I get what the NYT is saying, you can buy a lot of fancy equipment and that will help you train, race, and it might even make you a little faster, but it takes HARD WORK.  Money can’t buy work ethic, and it certainly can’t buy passion.


Ironman training means a lot of sacrifices, both financially and personally.  The other day, I shared with my husband how I would like to start taking classes in Nutrition, and he responded with ‘you do not have time for that in 2014, maybe 2015.’ He’s right.  2014 is consumed with Ironman training.  My weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are spent doing long workouts.  It will be hard to socialize because I need my sleep (and need to keep the wine drinking to a minimum).  I will most likely miss out on things like bachelorette parties and baby showers (which some might say is a good thing ha ha).   But in the end, this will all be worth it.  This is my year and I have earned it. While I am now that girl with the fancy bike and the cool racing helmet, I raced (and won my age group) for 4 years with my ‘heavy’ road bike and regular helmet.  I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far, and l want to let others know that fancy equipment, while yes, it can help you go really fast, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to train for a 140.6 mile race. Those things have to come from within.

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  • Reply Abby March 20, 2014 at 2:06 am

    Yup- Ironman training does take up a lot of time! I kind of liked having an excuse to get out of baby showers though 🙂
    All the money in the world can’t buy the hard work that goes into preparing for a race though. Or the heart needed to get through the training and race day.

    • Reply Kristin March 21, 2014 at 1:10 am

      I like the excuse too, Abby:)I know, you can’t buy determination that’s for sure! Glad you agree with me!

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