Staying active & healthy while on vacation! + Photo Recap II

I thought I would share some insight on how I stay active and healthy while on vacation.  I know it’s not always easy to stay healthy (and workout) the whole time on vacation, but I try my best to stick to my routine, with a little wiggle room of course.  In regards to food, the key thing is preparing snacks for travel, and staying in a place where you can make your own food!

I really, really hate airport food.  I know there are some options for healthy (and overpriced) snacks, but the breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.. not so much!  Perhaps it’s just the airports that I travel to, but I get disgusted looking at my options.   This being said, I plan ahead.

Some of my go-to foods for travel are:

  • Trader Joes nuts and trail mixes
  • Trader Joes Turkey Jerky (it has soy, unfortunately, but it’s better than the stuff they sell at the airport)
  • Homemade or store bought granola sweetened with honey or coconut sugar
  • Starbucks “build your own Oatmeal” is perfect for breakfast or lunch!
  • Greek Yogurt, if you can find it!


When it comes to staying active, look in advance before your vacation for things in the area that you can do for exercise!  Lucky for me, I have been going down to the Florida Keys for many years, and I know what’s in the area.  This year I tried a couple of new things which made it even more fun.  Personally, the more I can do outdoors the better! The week I was away, I was scheduled to do bike and swim workouts (still can’t run at this time due to a foot injury). I was proud of myself because I ended up doing most of these workouts!

Before leaving, I checked out the local gyms in the area, emailed an instructor about a spin class and emailed a crossfit gym.  I even looked into bike rentals and stand up paddleboarding!  Here is what kept me busy and worked up a sweat while on vacation!

Crossfit Bone Island- Key West


I paid the drop in fee and did a WOD with this southernmost Crossfit!  The gym was a lot smaller than my gym at home, but the WOD was just as good!  We did a combination of pushups, burpee box jumps and lunges that day.  With the added humidity I was working up quite the sweat!

Kayaking around Key Colony Beach

FL 10


My parents’ home is in Key Colony Beach, FL.  The Island is actually man made, and each of the streets are separated by canals.  We spent a few mornings kayaking the canals and the Gulf.  For the most part, the water is very calm, but the wind makes it challenging at times.  I did Kayaking in place of some of my swim workouts, and it worked out perfectly.  Talk about an upper body workoutJ

 Swimming at the Cabana Club

FL 14

FL 11

My family has been going to the same pool club since I was in grade school.  I knew I had to get some actual swimming in (not just playing in the ocean) while I was in FL.  Since I am really afraid of sharks, I opted not to swim my distance in the ocean, but in the pool instead. Besides dodging small children wearing floaties, swimming there was quite pleasant.  I wish I could swim outdoors at home right now!

Spin class at Florida Keys Fitness Center


I looked up spin instructors before going down there, since I knew I would have to bike.  I could have rented a bike, but there aren’t really any good roads for cycling in the keys.  There is a bike path, but it crosses through tons of shopping plazas and there is lots of traffic in the area. I played it safe and did spin.  The instructor was great and class was hard (and very sweaty)! I also biked on the stationary bike on the one day it rained.

Stand Up Paddleboading (SUP)



This was the highlight of our trip!  We almost didn’t get to try SUP at all!  Our flight got cancelled on Saturday, so we were able to stay an extra day (until Sunday night!).  Once the flight was cancelled, I immediately looked up the number for SUP rental in the area and we went over to Tarpon Creek Marina to check things out.   For just $15/hour we rented the paddleboards and explored the mangroves and ocean waters.  Neither myself nor my husband had tried SUP before, and we both agreed it was a blast!  It was a hard workout too… especially going against the wind.. holy core muscles!

Walking the Old Seven Mile Bridge


FL 6

The old seven mile bridge is a special place.  Once used for cars, 2 miles of the old bridge have been preserved as a walking bridge.  Beside it is the “New” Seven Mile Bridge where cars can travel from Marathon Key to and from Key West.  Walking down and back on the bridge ends up being 4 miles total, and the sights are beautiful all around you.  We saw lots of giant sting rays in the water below… so cool!

Looking forward to going back to Florida next year and doing all of this and more!

What are some ways that you stay healthy while on vacation?




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