“Passion is what drives us crazy, what makes us do extraordinary things, to discover, to challenge ourselves. Passion is and should always be the heart of courage.” ― Midori Komatsu

Sept 2013 281


When thinking of the name for this blog, I brainstormed… a lot.  I thought about all of the words that describe me, all of the things I like to do, etc… There is one word that just kept sticking out in my mind, and that is courage. I have always loved this word, for many reasons.  One being that when I am racing or training, it is when I feel my most courageous. I find that sweating can make you feel invincible, and when you reach a goal, you can feel unstoppable, like you can conquer anything in the world.  Those goose bumps you get at the beginning of a race, that pit in your stomach… and then overcoming all of that, heck ya, you better believe that’s courage. With courage, comes confidence.  If you have the courage to do something daring, something you have never done before, and then accomplish it, a gain in confidence comes with it. For example, someone who has never done a triathlon or a 5 K, they can be scared to death of racing.  But once they reach their goal and finish the race, they are left with a renewed sense of confidence!  As someone who has always had a personal struggle with confidence, exercising and competing has always been the ONE thing to counteract that struggle. Now if I could only be as confident in everyday life as I am when I’m racing in a road race or triathlon… I would be unstoppable.

Feel free to share your thoughts on fitness and how it made you gain confidence! Would love to hear from you.

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